Welcome To My Blog


Rahul Saraf


September 2, 2022


Hello Everyone! I am Rahul Saraf. Welcome to my blog. The purpose of this blog is to serve as a repository of knowledge for my future self and for anyone who shares my passion in coding, data science and business innovation. I believe world is at cusp of an AI driven revolution which is going to affect each and everyone in profound and unimaginable way. I want to be part of the journey as it happens. I just don’t want to experience it but truly understand it, learn about it and adapt it for my own future self. For this, I want to explore feynman technique of learning

  1. Choose a concept you wish to learn.
  2. Explain it to a child
  3. Identify gaps in your knowledge.Reflect, Refine, and Simplify
  4. Organize, review and tell a story

Not only do I want to learn but also to have fun along the way. So I asked AI what should it look like

What if I write a blog about ai?

What does intelligence, creation and fun look like?